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Color Contacts

Thinking of color contact lenses? Prescription, colored, cosmetic lenses allow us to experience life with different eye colors that we have naturally.  This experience can be fun and express your mood at that point in time or compliment your wardrobe at an event.


These lenses must be fit and prescribed by an optometrist or ophthalmologist, it is so serious that it is actually the law.  Contact lenses are regulated by the FDA and other governmental boards. The eye Dr. must evaluate the lenses to ensure a proper fit and determine healthy candidates for contact lens wear.

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People take great risks from buying and wearing “bootleg” cosmetic contacts at places like beauty shops, flea markets and even gas stations.  This has even effect Dr. Ozment’s own family. He as had a relative buy and wear these flea market contact lenses, and as a direct result has to live with permanently reduced visual acuity because of extensive corneal scaring that occurred from these lenses.  We want our patients to enjoy their contact lenses, and to do it safely and responsibly.


BA Eye Site is an eye care center in Broken Arrow/Tulsa. We are a total family eye care center, and we would like to be your eye Dr.

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