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Pediatric Eye Care

Get your booties in here!  Eye examinations need to be performed on children starting at the age of 6 months and have a full eye exam before the age of 3. Our practice has examination equipment specifically designed for the diagnosis and treatment of our smallest patients!
Beyond just the sense of seeing there are other major factors that play in vision and those are the processing and interpretation then acting on that information appropriately. Visual acuity is the basis where this gathering of information starts, thus a comprehensive refractive evaluation along with an ocular health assessment is the foundation of our process. Skills such as tracking of the eyes, focusing and depth and color vision are also tested to ensure proper alignment of the eyes and that the eyes are preforming optimally together.
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BA Eye Site has frames engineered for those with special needs as well. With unique anatomical features most ‘standard’ eyeglass frames just don’t fit quiet right, but with these new frame designs with these unique characteristics in mind just the right fit is a visit away.
Special needs eye glasses glasses for Down's Syndrome
Miraflex, Specs for us and Erin’s World
May just be what you have been searching for.

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