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March is Eye Safety Awareness

Celebrate eye safety month with us!

90% of all eye injuries can be prevented simply by wearing appropriate eye protection. Most of us just simply don’t take the time to find and put on our safety eye wear, but those few seconds could lead to lifelong regret.

ANSI (American National Standards Institute) oversees safety standards for the workplace. They make rule that apply to a variety of protective devices for the eyes, goggles, face shields and masks, helmets and face respirators. For your safety, look for the icon to your glasses make sure it is an approved product you should see a “Z87” stamped on it.

There are about 1000 eye injuries daily America. With the proper glasses, it is estimated that 90% of these eye injuries are preventable. About 5% of eye injuries are debilitating.

Three out of five workers who deal with eye injuries was not wearing safety glasses, and the half who did were wearing the wrong type.

Stop in BA Eye Site and be properly fitted into your safety eyewear. (918)893-3769, We can help protect and preserve your eyes.

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