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Colds and flu and your eyes

Colds and flu and your eyes

We are coming up on cold and flu season rapidly and a number of patients are currently suffering with fall allergies. These can and do affect your eyes and vision.

Red, puffy eyes along with a runny nose are strong signs/symptoms of a cold or the flu. Sometime the presence of a swollen, painful lymph node in front of the ear is an indication that this is viral.

The conjunctiva becomes congested, red and swollen. This is conjunctivitis, of which the are three types, viral, bacterial and allergic and at time there may be a mixed conjunctivitis. Some of these types can be very contagious and others no so much or not at all.

We can not treat red eyes over the phone. The differences between the various conjunctivitis presentations requires a proper evaluation to determine the best course of action and treatment.

BA Eye Site is here to help you so you are not suffering with these swollen, red, watery eyes. We accept most major medical plans including CommunityCare, Tricare and many others. Feel free to call (918)893-3769 and talk with our staff. If this is on the weekend you can call the same number to get the emergency line or you can TEXT 405-248-6306. We can be your weekend urgent eye care provider.

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