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Eye care for kids

Essential Eye Care for kids: 5 tips parents should know 1. School vision screenings are not eye exam...

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National Diabetes Month

November is National Diabetes Month This is all about awareness of this devastating disease that if...

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Flex Benefits

Flex Benefits This time each year, we check our balance in our flex benefit account and health savin...

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Optique Professional Eye Care -midtown Tulsa

Added location in the heart of Tulsa BA Eye Site has joined forces with Optique Professional Eye Car...

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The Most Common Eye Problems

As an optometrist in Broken Arrow, it’s only natural that we would see a number of clients wit...

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Broken Arrow Eye Doctor -Eye doctor BA

Broken Arrow Eye Doctor -Eye doctor BA   Looking for a Broken Arrow Eye Doctor, BA Eye Site is...

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When is it Time to See an Eye Doctor About a Stye?

Since most people will experience the discomfort and pain of a stye at least once or twice during th...

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Sight for students

Sight for Students Thousands of children across the country begin school each year with undetected,...

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Pterygium -optometrist oklahoma

Pterygium: conjunctival growth or bump on the eye  Pictures of this bump are worth a thousand words...

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Seeing Spots -Tulsa Eye Doctor

Seeing Spots: what could be the problem? Here at BA Eye Site in Broken Arrow, a lot of patients expe...

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