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Glaucoma and medical marijuana

Designed by Freepik Glaucoma and medical marijuana This is a hot topic due to more states adopting t...

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Better Eyes Through Diet

Better Eyes Through Diet As the American population ages, eye health and vision problems become more...

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Colds and flu and your eyes

Colds and flu and your eyes We are coming up on cold and flu season rapidly and a number of patients...

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CommunityCare Eye Care Provider

Looking for an eye doctor that is accepting ComunityCare We are happy to announce that BA Eye Site a...

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Antireflective Coatings -AR Coatings

Are Antireflective Coatings Important? AR coatings have several advantages and can positively impact...

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Allergy Eyes

Allergy Eyes The pollen is flying heavy through the air this season, so much so that on the local ne...

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Itchy eyes

Itchy Eyes With Easter comes blooms and pollen and itchy, watery, runny eyes. Seasonal Allergies are...

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Medical Eye Care

Dr. Ozment is Board Certified and Residency Trained in Ocular Disease. He attends medical conference...

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February is Macular Degeneration Awareness Month

Macular Degeneration also called Age-related Macular Degeneration is not a diagnosis most of us want...

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Failed a school vision screening?

Has your child failed a school vision screening? According to state law, The “Children’s Vision for...

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